Syrians own property in Turkey

After the amendments made to the Turkish Nationality Law in 2017, allowing obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment by owning a property worth 250 thousand dollars, a large number of Arabs turned to real estate investment in Turkey, including Syrian nationals, and with it, inquiries about the right of Syrians to own real estate increased. And the obstacles they face, and how to find solutions to these obstacles, especially since the Syrian community is one of the largest on Turkish territory. In this article, Acuad Company explains to you everything you want to know about how Syrians own real estate in Turkey.

First: Do Syrians have the right to own property in Turkey?

The Turkish government abolished the principle of reciprocity related to the purchase of real estate in Turkey under Article 35 of Law 2644 and Law 6302, which is concerned with the real estate aspect of all nationalities except for the Syrian nationality, as they cannot own property in their own name in Turkey.

Second: What is the legal way to own Syrians in Turkey?

There are several ways in which a Syrian can own a property in Turkey, according to the following cases:

  1. If the Syrian holds Turkish citizenship: after Turkey granted exceptional Turkish citizenship to a large number of Syrians, those who obtained it could legally purchase a property without any hindrance

  2. If the Syrian holds another nationality: Syrians who have obtained a foreign nationality other than the Syrian one can fully own real estate under this nationality without any hindrance.

  3. A company in Turkey: According to Turkish law, Syrians and all foreigners can establish companies in Turkey according to certain conditions, and Turkey deals with companies as a designated person. A Turkey company can have their name, buy real estate and register it on the name of the company.

But this method of ownership does not give the Syrians the right to obtain Turkish citizenship if the minimum property price condition is met at 250 thousand dollars, and this method is considered one of the best and fastest ways for Syrians to own property.

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  1. Owning the property in the name of a Turkish citizen with a mortgage sign or writing financial bonds for the value of the property:

But in this case, the right remains for the owner of the title deed legally registered in the title deed department, and the Turkish law will protect the title deed more than the real owner of it in this case, which shows us the danger of this method of ownership.

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