The famous Yoros Castle in Istanbul

Yoros Castle is considered one of the most famous historical castles in Turkey.

Yoros Castle is located in the Asian side of Istanbul in the coastal city of "Baykoz" at the meeting point of the Black Sea with the Bosphorus Strait.

The castle has a distinguished geographical location, which made it a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. It is considered one of the most important landmarks of the city of Beykoz. You can see the castle from anywhere in the city because of its distinctive height, as it looks like a beacon guarding the strait.

Yoros Castle is considered one of the things that complete the beauty of the city of Beykoz. Turkey, which opened in 2016 and is more than two kilometers long, which increased the importance of the tourist castle.
As for the historical proportions of the castle, historians attributed it to the Genoese who engraved the emblem of their state on the two towers of the castle.

As for her name, there have been many accounts about the truth of the name, but the version closest to the truth says that it is a Greek name meaning (nature).

The steadfast castle was one of the most important points of defense of the strait in the Ottoman era, as the castle was considered one of the most important military barracks in the region at the time, in addition to the fact that Sultan Bayezid I was residing there, but with the succession of times on it and its standing in the face of severe climatic changes, its walls collapsed And a large number of its towers, leaving only two towers in addition to its entrance.

As for its tourist services, the restaurants spread around the castle are famous for serving the most delicious fish dishes as a main dish for everyone who wanted to visit the castle, and its coast is considered the color of its distinct waters, which is known among the residents of the region as one of the most beautiful and clear beaches at all.

You can reach the castle by boats and ships that depart around the clock daily from multiple ports in Istanbul, such as Besiktas and other ports scattered in the big city Istanbul.



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