The highest tower in Istanbul (camlıca kulesi)


On May 29, 2021 the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated the tallest tower in Istanbul, the çamlıca tower. It is the new radio and television broadcasting tower, located in the Uskudar region, on one of the most beautiful places and most popular area, on Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi a Or the Bride's Hill,this hill attracts many tourists and even local residents, due to its wide gardens and wonderful views of Istanbul.

According to the data of the executing company, the work operations began in 2016. The height of the tower is 369 m. and with the height of the hill it will reach 400 meters. It will be 53 floors divided according to service. The tower will also contain 113 transmitters with a strength of 5 km, 40 national radios and 19 televisions. and 29 regional radio stations, which have been excavated for approximately 30 meters to build the ground floors that will include social activities.

The tower is distinguished by its wonderful view of the city, the strait and the sea, and many of Istanbul's landmarks can be seen from it, the 15th of July Bridge and the historical peninsula. On the top there is an antenna weighing 1400 tons.

This tower is very important as it provides a capacity for 100 media outlets, and will unite all the region's antennas, in addition to that, it will attract many tourists to this region.

Çamlica Tower can be reached by M5 metro and get off at kisikli station, or by metrobus and get off at acibadem station.


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