The most important areas of Istanbul to own an ideal real estate

Istanbul is a large city with modern living. Istanbul is now witnessing a great growth in the real estate investment market, and this distinctive vitality in its real estate market made it attract the attention of real estate owners from all over the world, in addition to that, it is a destination for tourists from all over the world due to its tourist attractions and archaeological variety.

Without a doubt, Istanbul is one of the cities in which the elements of comfortable housing are combined. In addition to its picturesque nature and modern buildings, Istanbul is a center for commercial and economic activities, as it is full of commercial centers and markets.

Those who want to own property in Istanbul always wonder which areas are better to buy a property in.

The Ajwad family always helps you in choosing the best and most suitable option for you. We will present to you the most important areas of Istanbul to own an ideal real estate.

The city of Istanbul consists of 39 districts distributed between the Asian and European sections, the European section includes 25 provinces, and the Asian section includes 19 separated by the Bosphorus Strait.

Suitable areas for buying a property in European Istanbul:

1- The city of Başakşehir:

It is located in the center of the European section of Istanbul, and it is one of the best places to own any property, its richness is modern, its infrastructure is solid, and it is close to all the city's landmarks. This is what led to the high prices of its real estate compared to other areas, and this is what makes it a city for real estate investment.

The area is characterized by high-end residential compounds that enjoy a high degree of luxury and residential comfort, as it slips through many commercial markets in addition to prestigious hospitals and universities.

2- Küçükçekmece:

Küçükçekmece is an excellent area to buy a property in Istanbul. The region is distinguished by its distinguished real estate projects, and its buildings are of the highest quality in terms of services and luxury. The Küçükçekmece Lake has beautiful nature and its surroundings are expected to prosper.

One of the advantages of this area is also a, it contains many commercial malls, and in it is Sabah Al-Din University, the leader of Istanbul's most important scientific landmarks.

Among the cities are Bakirkoy, Bahcesehir, and Beylikduzu, where these cities also enjoy a wide urban renaissance in these areas, through which they gained a good reputation in conjunction with the acceleration of real estate construction in them and the arrival of metro and tram lines to it.

The right area to buy a property in Asian Istanbul:

The Asian side of Istanbul enjoys comfortable housing and beautiful nature, and with the launch of new commercial projects in it, the Asian name has witnessed an increasing acceleration in the real estate market.

The city of Uskudar is one of the most important areas in Istanbul, Asia, because of its stunning nature as it overlooks the Bosphorus Strait in addition to the Maiden’s Tower, which also overlooks the Bride’s Hill, the highest peak in Istanbul, in addition to the modern urban edifice in it, which is the Çamlıca Mosque, which enjoys With an outstanding view.

Among the distinct areas on the Asian side is also the city of Kadıköy, which contains a large number of marine restaurants and commercial markets.

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