The most important metro lines projects in Istanbul


Istanbul Municipality seeks to increase the number of metro lines in the city, with the aim of developing public transportation in Istanbul. Some of them have already been completed in the past period, and some are under study and implementation.

There are many metro lines in Istanbul with a length of about 260 km at the moment, the municipality aims to make them reach 808 km in the coming periods.

The most important new lines projects:

  • Line (İstinye-İTÜ-Kağıthane)

  • Line (Kazlıçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme)

  • Line (Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı-Kurtköy Kavşağı)

  • Line (Sultangazi-Arnavutköy Metro)

  • Line (Kayaşehir-Fenertepe)

  • Line (Altunizade-Çamlıca)

  • Line (Kadıköy-Sultanbeyli)

  • Line (Seyrantepe-Alibeyköy)

  • Line (Vezneciler-Sultangazi)

  • Line (Yenikapı-Sefaköy)

(İstinye-İTÜ-Kağıthane) Metro Line:

The project was announced in 2016. The length of the line is 12 km, and metro cars pass through it every 23 min. It can accommodate 35,000 passengers and its cost may reach 4.5 million Turkish liras.

The line will start from the Istinye region on the coast of the Bosphorus, and pass through Istanbul Technical University until it reaches the Kağıthane region.

(Kazlıçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme) Metro Line:

It is a metro line that connects the European Istanbul, the length of the line is 20 km, it accommodates 70,000 passengers in one move, which takes approximately 7-8 minutes, and the cost of this line is approximately 7 million Turkish liras.

It intersects with the Marmaray Line at Kazli Çeşme Station, and intersects with the western extension of the Yenikapi Line at Zeytinburnu Station.

(Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı-Kurtköy Kavşağı) Line :

The length of the line is 6 km, and passes the coast to reach between Court Coy and Sabiha Airport, it can accommodate 70,000 passengers per transfer, and the flight duration is approximately 8.5 minutes.

(Sultangazi-Arnavutköy Metro) Line :

The length of this line is 15 km and accommodates 45 thousand people in one shift, with a duration of 16 minutes. This line was announced in 2016, and its cost is 50 thousand Turkish liras. This line is considered an extension of the Vezneciler-Sultançiftliği metro line.

(Kayaşehir-Fenertepe) Line :

Its length is 3 km, and it is considered the third stage of the (Başakşehir-Bakırköy) line, which can transport 70,000 people in 10 minutes in a single trip.

The line intersects with other lines such as: (Zengilir - Arnavutkoy), (Yenikapi - Kirazli), (Kaptas - Mahmoud Bey - Esenyurt).

(Altunizade-Çamlıca) Line :

Announced in 2016, the line will connect the Altunizade region to Çamlıca region, with a length of 3.5 km, a journey time of 12 minutes, and a capacity of 8.1 thousand people per trip.

At Altunizade station, the line intersects with the metro line (Üsküdar - Çekmeköy) as well as with the metrobus.

(Kadıköy-Sultanbeyli) Line :

A project under construction, with a length of 19 km, will reach Kadikoy in Sultanbeyli district. One trip takes 28 minutes and can carry 70,000 passengers, at a cost of 7.6 million Turkish liras.

This line intersects with the (Cesme - Söğütlüçeşme) line at the Istanbul Financial Center Station, and at the Turkish Bloklari Station with the (Göztepe - Ümraniye) line.

(Seyrantepe-Alibeyköy) line :

This line is one of the most important projects he is working on in the Asian side of Istanbul. It will be established in two phases, the first will link the Sari Gazi region and the Yeni Dogan region, and the second will link Sari Gazi and Turkish Buluklari.

The length of the line will be 5.5 km, with a single trip, it can transport 35,000 passengers within 8 minutes.

(Vezneciler-Sultangazi) Metro Line :

Its length is approximately 17 km, linking the Vezneciler area and Al-Salam Mosque, passing through Al-Fateh area, Eyup Sultan area, and Gas Othman area.

It accommodates 45,000 people per flight, the journey takes approximately 27 minutes.

The line intersects with the metro line (Yenikapi - HaciOsman) and with the tramway (Bağcılar - Kaptaş).

(Yenikapı-Sefaköy) Line :

It was announced in 2018 as an extension of the line (Yenikapi - Haciosman), with a length of 14 km and a capacity of 70,000 passengers per trip, which will take 21 minutes.

The line intersects with the metro line (Yenikapi - Ataturk Airport) and the metro line (Yenikapi - Kirazli).

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