Tips before renting a house in Turkey

Millions of foreigners live in Turkey, and the large part of them does not own real estate and rent houses, and this rental is under a contract that regulates the legal relationship between the tenant and the property owner, and because of the many legal problems that arise because of this contract, before renting a house in Turkey and signing the lease contract, You must know some of the legal matters related to the contract, which will preserve the right of both the tenant and the landlord. At Acuad, we offer you some points and advice that must be taken into account.

Things to note before signing a house rental contract in Turkey:

Before renting a house in Turkey, it is necessary to make sure of some points mentioned in the contract:

  1. Before signing the lease contract, it must be ensured that the real owner of the house is the same as the other party who will sign the contract.

  2. Make sure that the property registered in the lease agreement matches the property that was chosen by the tenant by carefully matching the property information in the lease contract with the information contained in the title deed of the property, making sure that the area, street, building number, and floor number in both versions.

  3. Obtaining comprehensive information on the basic and additional technical specifications of the rented house, such as: the type of heating used in the building, etc.

Additional home and construction costs, such as revenue accrued monthly.

  1. Verify the numbers recorded on water meters, electricity meters, and gas meters, and record them in the lease contract, verify the work of all devices connected to these networks, record the status of these equipment in the lease contract, and agree to fix the defect (if any).

  2. Accurately describe the internal and external condition of the rental property, such as the condition of construction, the condition of the paint, doors and windows.....

  3. Determining the amount of insurance for the house, recording it in the contract and depositing it in a bank account to extract a receipt certifying that the insurance is legally paid, (or writing it in the contract as paid).

Important information that must be included in the rental contract in Turkey: It is very important to write down the exact information of the two parties to the rental contract in Turkey and the property information that is the subject of the contract, and this information can be clarified through the following points:

  1. Tenant identity information and lessor identity information.

  2. If the lessor is a legal agent of the property owner, register the legal agency information.

  3. The exact and detailed address of the property.

  4. The agreed amount is the monthly rent of the property.

  5. Information about the equipment in the property and its condition.

  6. Name and signature of witnesses to the lease agreement.

  7. The signature of the landlord and tenant must appear on every page of the lease agreement.

  8. Information related to rent payment methods and bank account numbers.

  9. Security deposit and terms that make it non-refundable.

Clarity and unambiguity of the terms of the lease: The lease contract must include clear and complete terms to ensure that no disputes arise due to the reduction or non-inclusion of basic information and conditions in the contract, including:

  1. Determine the monthly property rent.

  2. Determine the rent payment date of each month.

  3. The bank account to which the rent will be sent.

  4. Determine the periods at the end of which the rent amount will be increased.

  5. Determining the terms of the lease and the furniture and other entrusted to the tenant.

  6. The purpose for which the leased property will be used.

  7. who is the owner of the usufruct of the property; For example, the tenant is allowed to rent the property or grant temporary usufruct to other parties.

  8. Determining the amount of the insurance and how to keep it, and what are the conditions that allow the property owner to dispose of the insurance amount.

  9. Determine the possibility of allowing the tenant to make alterations to the house, and what condition the property must be returned to its owner.

And as a last advice, we must remind you of an important point that the vast majority of foreigners neglect or perhaps neglect, which is the ratification of the contract from the Notre, as it is the first and last reference for solving any problem that may arise between its two parties.

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