Trademark registration

After a large number of investors obtained Turkish citizenship under the recent amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law, many of them began to transfer their business and commercial activities to Turkey, as it has become one of the most popular commercial and investment destinations among foreigners, and to distinguish the Turkish market in the recent period and the availability of labor in the Turkish market.

In order for the start of your own business to be legal and correct, and for the people who deal with you to distinguish you, and to preserve your rights from fraud and counterfeiting, a number of necessary legal steps must be taken, and one of these steps is to register the trademark. In this article, we will tell you about the concept of a trademark, the papers needed to extract it, how to obtain it, and other information related to it

What is the brand?

According to Industrial Property Law No. 6769 published in the Official Gazette on January 10, 2017, No. 29944 is a distinctive sign or symbol used by an individual or legal entity to indicate that the good, product or service on which the trademark appears is produced or originated from a single source, usually A trademark is a name, logo or symbol, and may be used by other people under license agreements, and the trademark owner has the right to take legal action if his trademark rights are infringed and illegally used.

Documents required registering a trademark in Turkey

  1. Brand name.

  2. Brand or logo.

  3. The activities in which the company operates.

  4. The company's commercial register and a copy of the passport.

  5. Adoption of the company's signature.

  6. Mark registration costs

What are the types of brand?

There are many types of trademarks according to the comprehensiveness and specification, and according to the purposes, and according to the stages. There is the mark of manufacture, to denote the manufactured product and the place of its manufacture, and there is the trade mark to denote the source of sale, not the source of manufacture, as is the case with the mark of manufacture, and there is the service mark which is for restaurants, banks and tourism companies as It does not contain products, but rather provides services that distinguish it from Other company services, there are private branding, media branding and event branding in a company sponsoring an event.

Where is the trademark registered in Turkey?

The trademark is registered with the Trademarks and Patents Corporation (TPE), as the trademark protects the company’s activities, prevents fraud in its name and protects it from imitation, and the trademark registration in Turkey is linked to it only, but if the company’s activity is not limited to the Turkish interior, the trademark must be registered internationally To protect it outside the scope of the Turkish state, by registering it in the Madrid Protocol, as this protocol gives the right to protect the mark in all countries registered in the provisions of this protocol, But we must note that a trademark can be registered in the name of a person and there is no obligatory requirement to open a company in order to register this trademark, but registering it in the name of the company opens up wider areas for the company in its business.

The following conditions must be met to register a trademark in Turkey:

  1. The business activity of the company for which the trademark is to be registered must be specified

  2. The brand does not match any other mark, with a special logo.

  3. Pay duties and taxes

Finally, we must point out that the trademark registration is not limited to a term, but it must be renewed every 10 years, otherwise this protection will expire if it is not renewed, because this may suggest that the owner wants to abandon it.

Also, you can file a lawsuit against people or companies that violate the right of the trademark and use it in their business, which causes harm to you, so this illegal act by others will be prevented from the trademark.

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