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After Turkey became the first destination for foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular to invest their money and establish their projects in various activities, many questions and inquiries were raised regarding the best legal way to transfer money to Turkey, especially the money that will be used to buy real estate. In this article, we will learn about the legal ways to transfer these funds.

After signing the purchase contract by the buyer, the second step of the purchase process must be carried out, which is to transfer the sale price to the seller in order to complete the real estate appraisal matters and finalize the title deed transaction. Here the buyer finds himself in front of several options for transferring this money, and these methods are:

  1. Transferring money to Turkey through the bank: The process of transferring money between Turkish and Arab banks is carried out in exchange for a certain value determined by each bank according to the amount to be transferred, provided that the currency of the transfer is the US dollar, and to complete the process you need some information related to the account of the recipient varies from One bank to another, and this method is considered one of the most common and approved by investors, the easiest, the most convenient and the most secure, and it only takes a few minutes. It is important to know that the transfer of funds in some countries is subject to certain conditions, as there are Arab countries that allow the transfer of large amounts and others that limit Transfer at certain amounts, while other countries require the submission of the purchase contract signed in Turkey before transferring the amount.

  2. Transferring money to and from Turkey via PTT: PTT company in Turkey is famous for being the fastest in transferring orders and delivering shipments on time, and also providing external transportation to many countries of the world, and this company has proven its worth due to the excellence of its services inside and outside Turkey, and the company offers several Services, most notably:

  • Transferring money to and from Turkey and currency exchange

  • Internal and external shipping (postal parcels - commercial parcels - documents and papers ... etc.)

  • Payment of bills (electricity, water, gas, internet)

It must be noted that the transfer by mail has a specific ceiling that cannot be exceeded

  1. Transferring money to Turkey through exchange offices: There are large numbers of exchange offices in Turkey that specialize in currency exchange and also transfer them, which allows the customer to benefit from these services in record time, and the process depends on depositing the amount at the exchange office, for example in Doha, to be received by the customer in Istanbul in At the same time, the process is confirmed by a telephone connection between the two offices.

Many resort to transferring the amounts for buying real estate in Turkey through exchange offices because they are easier and more flexible in terms of the amount of amounts and also the time, as the exchange offices work for late hours, different from the hours in which banks provide their services to customers.

Regarding the commissions charged by exchange offices, they are considered simple due to the flexibility and speed of the process and its role in facilitating tasks for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey.

  1. Transfer through Western Union: Among the easy and also available solutions is the transfer of money for buying property in Turkey through Western Union, which are secure offices that guarantee the transfer of money from the mother country to Turkey, their centers are distributed throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul, but what It is considered that there is a specific ceiling for the amount transferred in a single transfer that cannot be exceeded

  2. Transferring money to Turkey via the Internet: After the digital development in the world of the Internet, Turkey has provided investors wishing to own on its lands the opportunity to transfer their money via the Internet in return for a commission determined by the companies responsible for that. This method of transferring money from one place to another and from one country to another is one of the modern means that It didn't save us a lot of time and a lot of time, and there are a lot of people around the world who have replaced it with everything that came before it.

The advice that Acuad gives you in this regard is to send money in a way that suits the laws of your country and your situation and makes it easy for you to send, as all methods are legally acceptable, and that you do not transfer any amount to the seller before signing the sales contract with him.

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