Turkey ranked third third in the world in the field of international contracting

Turkish Contractors Association President Erdal Eren stated in the first week of September 2021:
Turkey ranked third behind China and the United States of America among international contractors, this is due to the efforts made by Turkish contracting companies this year. He said that Turkey gave the second place to the United States of America this year, after it had maintained it for a long time, a company behind it. China ranked first with 78 companies, the United States of America with 41 companies, and Turkey with 40 contracting companies. These assessments are the result of the value of revenues obtained by these companies through their work abroad in 2020, according to what was published by the Engineering News Registry magazine.
As Yeni Şafak newspaper mentioned that 7 Turkish companies were ranked among the top 100 contracting companies in the world, as Turkey's share of the global market for construction companies reached 4.4%, equivalent to 18.3 billion US dollars.
Yeni Şafak indicated that Turkish companies concentrated their activities in Europe with projects whose revenues amounted to 8 billion US dollars, and in the Middle East with 5.9 billion US dollars, of which Russia had the largest share.
Erin also emphasized that the goal before the pandemic was to obtain projects outside Turkey in the short term worth 20 billion US dollars, and in the medium term it will be worth 50 billion US dollars.
Eren noted the evident success of Turkish contractors, which means more foreign currency flows to the Turkish economy, more job prospects for the Turkish workforce, and an increase in the proportion of Turkish exports.

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