Turkey's best private universities


Turkey has become a destination for many students from around the world to study in its universities, due to the superiority of its universities in the world in addition to its low prices compared to European universities, and it has high potentials in infrastructure and superstructure, in addition to allowing the student all the disciplines he wants. The Ajwad family helps you choose the most appropriate option for you, as we have chosen for you the most important and best private universities in Turkey.

The best private universities in Turkey:

1- Koç University:
It is a private, non-profit university located in Sariyer, Istanbul, ranked first in Turkey according to the World University Rankings. The university accepts students of all nationalities and has more than 250 partner universities.

2- Sabanci University

One of the best universities in Turkey, located in Istanbul, Sabanci University is designed as a new and unique university. The university consists of three faculties, the main language of the university is English and in all disciplines, it follows the latest methods in scientific research, practical training and preparation of theoretical curricula. It is one of the top 500 universities in Turkey.

3- Bilkent Üniversitesi:
Bilkent University is considered one of the best universities in Turkey, located in the city of Ankara, where students study all disciplines through 10 faculties, 3 schools for graduate studies and 3 schools for vocational programs. Bilkent University is one of the world's most superior universities in terms of the number and quality of scientific publications in the field of science and technology.

4- Bilgi University:
The university has four departments in Istanbul which are Santralİstanbul, Kostepe, Dolabdeir and Kozyatagi. Istanbul Bilgi University was ranked among the top 130 universities in the "Best Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia” list for 2020, according to the rankings BİLGİ is among the top 4 institutions in Turkey.

5- Baskent Üniversitesi:
Located in Ankara, the university is currently considered one of the elite colleges in Turkey in terms of its scientific approach to education.


6- Yeditepe Üniversitesi:
The university is located in Istanbul. The university is considered one of the best Turkish universities, and is ranked among the top 50 Turkish universities at the local level. Yeditepe University provides students with ideal educational services that make them ready to compete in the labor market strongly after graduation.

7- Kadir Has Üniversitesi :
The university is located on the European side of Istanbul, the university is considered one of the top 100 Turkish universities, teaching in the best modern technical methods based on practical training by the distinguished teaching staff coming from the United States of America and Britain, it establishes partnerships with several British and American universities, and this provides many opportunities For students to participate in student exchange programmes.

8- Bahçesehir Üniversitesi :
Bahçeşehir University Istanbul is one of the best Turkish universities. One of the most important branches of the International Bahçeşehir Universities Foundation, the university includes 9 faculties, 2 vocational schools and 4 institutes of postgraduate studies. Bahçeşehir Istanbul University offers educational programs of the strongest programs on both practical and theoretical levels.

9- Istanbul Aydin Üniversitesi:
Located on the European side of Istanbul, the university occupies a global position as a result of its contribution with its academic units in scientific and technological fields at the local and international levels. The university has 11 colleges, offering many study abroad opportunities to all its students at its partner universities abroad.

10- Beykoz universitesi
The university is located in Beykoz, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul. It is one of the best Turkish universities, the university aims to be a center of culture and freedom for students and academics, and to achieve excellence in its services that benefit society.



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