Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was established in 1933, it was affiliated with the Ministry of Defense. It was established with a budget of 180,000 Turkish liras, and the number of its employees was 24, including 7 pilots, and the rest were technicians, employees and one radio operator. The total aircraft in the air fleet at that time was 5 Planes, then the company raised its budget to one million Turkish liras in 1936 and increased the number of its planes to 8, and then to 52 in 1938. In 1945, the company concluded the year with 19 countries it could travel to after it was only 3.

The company started its first flights in 1947 and was between Ankara - Istanbul - Athens, and as for its international flights, it started in 1951.

The name of the company changed to its current status in 1953 after it was the "General Administration of Airlines", and in 1956 the company joined the membership of the International Air Transport Association.

With determination and will, the company began its first transatlantic flight in 1961, after it opened its doors to foreign capital, with Britain participating with 6.5% and being its first partner.

The number of passengers increased with this success until the number of passengers on board its aircraft in 1973 reached 2.5 million passengers. In 1977, Turkish Airlines became national again, as the Ministry of Finance bought Britain's share of the company it had bought 20 years earlier.

Fifty years after its establishment, in 1983, the number of aircraft in its fleet had increased until it reached 30 aircraft, accommodating more than 4,000 passengers. By the year 185, Turkish Airlines had started sending flights to the Far East and transcontinental flights, and its fleet had increased by 4 new aircraft. In 1994, Turkish Airlines joined the Privatization Department of the Prime Minister.

Global successes:

In 1996, the company's capital reached 50 trillion pounds, and it also launched its official website, and won the (airbus) award for the best airline using the A350.

In 1998 the company obtained the golden shield from the Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul because it was the largest influx of foreign funds into Turkey.

Turkish Airlines ranked second in Europe in terms of punctuality and baggage safety.

By 2006, the number of aircraft in its fleet reached 100 aircraft.

In 2007 it was awarded the National Quality Award in the aviation sector.

She joined the Star Alliance International in 2008.

In 2012 the number of its aircraft reached 200 aircraft.

And the company became the owner of the most air points in the world in 2013.

The airline sponsored many important sporting and cultural events, and its brand value reached $2.2 billion in 2015.

Turkish Airlines has been awarded the Skytrax award for five consecutive years as the best airline in Europe, the best airline in Southern Europe for several times, in addition to the award for best food service.

The company ranked first in the world in the number of countries it flies to, as it sends its flights to 320 cities in 127 countries, i.e. landing at 325 airports around the world.

Its fleet:

Its current fleet includes 365 aircraft, and employs approximately 5,450 pilots, 12,000 hosts and hostesses, and more than 600 administrators, in addition to thousands of workers.




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