Turkish citizenship elections

After a large number of foreigners have recently obtained Turkish citizenship of all kinds, through investment or through real estate, and the presidential elections in Turkey are approaching, most of them are talking about their right to participate in voting in these elections, especially since a large number of them live outside Turkey, who is still ignorant of the rights and duties resulting from his acquisition of citizenship, we will inform you in this article about the rights of the Turkish citizen in the Turkish elections, whether presidential or legislative.

At the outset, we must remind you that the Republic of Turkey is one of the democratic countries in which elections are held on a regular basis, and Article 67 of the Turkish Constitution states that every Turkish citizen has the right to participate in the referendum and election process and to run for membership in Parliament, whether in the ranks of a political party or an independent one within the stipulated conditions them in law.

Turkish law confirms that the degree of citizenship is one and there is no first-class citizen and second-class citizen, and that the newly naturalized immediately obtains the right to participate in the elections, provided that he obtains the Turkish identity and confirms the address of his polling place.

How to find out the location of the polling station:

There are two ways to check the location of the ballot box in which a person should vote

  1. Through the official website of the High Elections Committee: by entering the official website and filling in personal information and address, then the website shows us the election center through which we can vote

  2. Through the electronic government portal (E-DEVLET):

  • By logging into our E-DEVLET account and clicking the search button for Yüksek Seçim Kurulu Başkanlığı (Supreme Election Board).

  • Then we click on Yurt İçi Seçmen Kaydı Sorgulama (Voter registration inside Turkey).

  • If our address is correct, a page will appear with the name, surname, national number and our address in the first section.

In the second section it contains:

Voting place (name of polling station) Oy Vereceğiniz Yer

Box No. Sandık Numarası

Floor No. Sıra Numarası

The voting process is a simple and uncomplicated process. After making sure and going to the place where you must vote, you will find voter lists hanging on the door of the polling center. Upon entering, you are asked to show your Turkish identity, and then you will get the election paper, the election stamp, and an electoral envelope, with which you go. To the closed room to give your vote for your candidate.

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