Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents

Taking Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents is among the most prominent dreams of these Palestinian residents, as citizenship facilitates many legal matters in the Turkish state, and it should be noted that after the amendment of the Turkish citizenship law, Turkish citizenship is not granted only to Palestinians, but the right of various individuals from countries The world has the right to claim Turkish citizenship as long as they are among the cases authorized to obtain citizenship and the conditions apply to them.

It is known that one of the most important conditions that those wishing to meet when purchasing a property in Turkey are the presence of a valid passport, and this matter is not available to some, especially members of the Palestinian community who hold travel documents. It is known that Palestinians hold two types of documents. The first is an official passport called (an authority passport) granted to citizens residing inside Palestine, and the second is a travel document granted to Palestinian refugees in the diaspora, especially in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

This prompted the Department of Foreigners Affairs in the Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey (TAPU) to issue a decision in March of the year 2019 to allow Palestinian travel documents to be carried from direct real estate ownership in Turkey.

After the issuance of this decision, the Turkish real estate market witnessed remarkable activity by Palestinian investors who hold documents on real estate ownership in Turkey, wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

Documents required to be submitted by Palestinians for citizenship:

The process of obtaining proof of Turkish naturalization for Palestinians who have documents alternative to the passport is similar in terms of the required papers with the various Turkish naturalization processes, so that the Palestinian must prepare the following papers:

  1. Turkish naturalization application form

  2. Personal Photos

  3. A copy of the residence permit

  4. A copy of the passport or travel document 5

  5. Turkish marriage certificate

  6. The contract of the house if the individual has bought it

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