Turkish driving license

After that, the school directs the person to a bank to deposit the amount of 520 Turkish lira driving license fees, after which the payment receipt is attached with the papers.

After that, an appointment is booked in the civil registration Directorate to which the place of residencae belongs. When going to the civil registration Directorate on the day of the appointed appointment, the success papers are submitted along with the bank receipt, and then the driver’s license is sent when it is issued to the address of the person installed in the civil registration Directorate.

Types of Turkish driving licenses:

The licenses are issued in several categories that differ among themselves depending on the type and size of the vehicle to be driven, according to the following:

A1: It entitles the holder to drive a motorcycle.

A2: It entitles the holder to ride bicycles.

B: It entitles its holder to drive cars, mini-buses and pick-up trucks.

C: entitles the holder to drive trucks.

D: entitles the holder to drive two cars.

E: It entitles its holder to drive buses.

F: entitles the holder to drive tractors.

G: entitles its holder to drive engineering vehicles with engines.

H: entitles its holder to drive a vehicle for people with special needs

This license is valid for 10 years and there is no need for a new exam when renewing

Replacing a driver’s license: A foreigner has the right to use his driver’s license after it has been translated and certified by Noter for a period of 6 months from the date of his entry to Turkey and after the end of this period he must replace it with the Turkish license if it is issued by a country that is part of the Traffic and Roads Agreement or there is a bilateral agreement between Turkey and this country Otherwise, a Turkish license must be issued.

Documents required replacing a driver's license:

The application is submitted to the civil registration Directorate immediately (without the need to take an exam) with the submission of the following documents:

  1. Foreign driving license + color photocopy.

  2. Translating the foreign driver's license into Turkish and attesting it by the notary public.

  3. A driving document file.

  4. Driving document form.

  5. Personal identity (tourist residence / student residence / temporary protection property / Turkish identity)

  6. A medical report on the driving license.

  7. Pay the value of the foreign driving replacement tax.

  8. A biometric photo.

  9. A statement about the blood type.

  10. An educational certificate translated into Turkish with attestation by a notary public (Notre).

  11. No judgment on him.

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