Turkish passport

Obtaining a Turkish passport, and benefiting from the advantages it gives to its holder and the arrangement it enjoys at the world level, is the most desirable thing for people wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which helps them to travel freely and easily between a large number of countries in the world.

In this article, Acuad Company presents to you the most important features of the Turkish passport, the method of obtaining it, and the most important papers and documents required to extract it.

Turkish passport features:

  1. The Turkish passport ranks high in the world

  2. It is possible to obtain a long-term passport that does not need to be renewed only once every 10 years.

  3. It allows for dual citizenship so you don't have to give up your original citizenship.

  4. The right to enjoy free health and education services for Turkish citizens.

  5. The possibility of applying for a passport immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship without the need for a certain period of residence.

  6. The speed of issuing the passport from Turkish souls within a period of 20 days

  7. Allows the ability to travel to more than 77 countries without the need to obtain an entry visa, 33 countries can obtain a visa on arrival and 8 countries can obtain an electronic visa

  8. The Turkish passport holder can benefit from the retirement program as any Turkish citizen.

  9. Grants its holder the right to vote in Turkish elections.

  10. The holder of the Turkish passport enjoys the full rights of Turkish citizenship.

Turkish passport types:

  • Ordinary Turkish passport (red, granted to any Turkish citizen or any person who has obtained Turkish citizenship)

  • Special Turkish Passport (Green, given to senior government officials in Turkey)

  • Stamped Turkish passport (gray, given to public officials and journalists)

  • Turkish Diplomatic Passport (black, given to Turkish diplomats and ambassadors)

Passport extraction procedures:

  1. Make an appointment with Souls in Turkey, either via the Internet via the link to book an appointment with Souls through the website ​​or by calling 199.

  2. Go to a Turkish Post (PTT) center and pay the cost of issuing the passport and keep the payment receipt.

  3. Go at the time allotted to you to the Turkish Soul Department and submit the following documents:

  • Two (2) biometric personal photos, with the payment receipt and ID and a copy of it, a document proving the address of the residence where you reside, the old passport, if available, and the existing form to be filled out.

  • The Turkish passport is issued 10 to 20 days after the appointment, and the state sends the new passport to the address mentioned in the soul paper.

The cost of obtaining a passport:

The cost of obtaining the Turkish passport 2021, when extracting the Turkish passport 2021, the person must pay a fixed fee of 174 Turkish lira, in addition to variable fees according to the number of years of validity of the passport. Thus, the cost and prices of obtaining a Turkish passport for the year 2021 will be complete as follows:

  • Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of six months are: 407 Turkish Liras.

  • Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a one-year validity period are: 512 TL.

  • Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of two years are: 722 Turkish liras.

  • Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a three-year validity period are: 950 TL.

  • Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of four years and above are: 1265 Turkish liras.

It should be noted that the prices included in the list are in the price of the Turkish passport book with fees, where the price of the passport book is only 180 Turkish lira and fees are added to it as shown above. Turkish passport price 2021.

Where to pay the passport fee:

Turkish passport fees can be paid in a Turkish bank, and it should be noted that the payment receipt must be kept to be presented at the time of issuance of the passport.

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