Turquoise card

Everyone knows that Turkey has recently become a destination for investors from all countries of the world after it provided many facilities in its enactment of laws encouraging investment, whether related to citizenship, tax exemption, or facilities in granting various residence permits, and other facilities.

In this article, we will talk about the turquoise card, its features, and the conditions for granting it.

What is the turquoise card?

The turquoise card is a new system of residence permits in Turkey that allows its holder to work indefinitely, which has been implemented by the relevant authorities recently. Through this system, the turquoise card is granted to some highly qualified persons, such as scientists, athletes, artists, investment owners and those wishing to own property in Turkey.

It is very similar to the so-called green card in America and in the European Union countries the blue card, and its main goal is to attract qualified investors to Turkey

Turquoise Card Features

The holder of the turquoise card enjoys the advantages and rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens themselves, with the exception of voting, choosing and entering government jobs. Military service, which is the duty of a Turkish citizen., where they are granted the rights to education in Turkish schools and universities, to medical care in public and private hospitals in Turkey, and to move freely throughout Turkey

Documents required obtaining a turquoise card

Foreigners residing inside Turkey and foreigners residing outside Turkey are entitled to apply by sending a request to the relevant institution for residents or through the Turkish embassy for foreigners from outside Turkey to have their file status evaluated after attaching the following documents:

  • Fill out the application form

  • Passport.

  • A copy of the residence.

  • The scientific certificate translated and certified by a notary public.

  • Personal Photos.

  • Samples of the works, projects or research that he has done.

  • A paper proving the volume of investments for investors, revealing the size of the foreign exchange account, the level of employment, export credit and financial sufficiency

After the application is evaluated and approved, the person receives the turquoise card, but it is possible to refuse to renew it if one of the following cases occurs

  • If the work was done in violation of Turkish law.

  • Failure to adhere to the specified period during travel, which is determined by the Turkish Ministry of Labor.

  • Not to return to Turkey for two full years after traveling from it.

  • When the passport is not renewed.

  • Stop working for more than 6 months.

  • Submitting false documents.

Finally, we must remind you that after obtaining the right of permanent turquoise residence, and working in a public or private company in Turkey permanently, holders of the turquoise card can apply for Turkish citizenship, after 5 years from the date of obtaining the residence standing.

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