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A person wishing to invest in Turkey must be fully aware and familiar with all real estate topics, matters and terms in this country, and among these matters is the title deed (Tapu), its types, and the features of each type.

In this article, Acuad Company provides you with the most important information you need regarding this matter so that you are fully aware and sufficient before starting your investment in Turkey.

What is the title deed (Tapu)?

(Tapu) "Title deed”: is the ownership document, which gives the legal status of owning any property on Turkish lands, as it gives the owner of the property who owned it, the legitimacy of registering this property, which gives him the full right to dispose of it from renting, selling and all forms of investment in Turkey.

It includes information about the property, real estate survey numbers, and specifies the location of the property, and this document is organized by the Directorate of Real Estate Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities.

Types of title deed:

1-Blue taboo (agricultural):

It is the title deed designated for everything related to agricultural real estate, the owner of which has the right to perform any agricultural work, such as cultivating the land, raising poultry, or the like.

Within this type of title deed, there are two types of title deed: the title deed of joint ownership and the title deed of land ownership

- Joint ownership deed: This type of deed shows the number of partners who own the same property and mentions the names of all partners, along with the percentage of ownership of each of them in the property. Partners cannot sell their shares in the property, except after obtaining the consent of the other partners. Joint title deeds do not specify the location of each partner's share in the property.

- Land title deed: This type of Turkish title deed documents that the registered land is empty agricultural land and not suitable for reconstruction unless it is confirmed that it conforms to the construction specifications by the concerned authorities and is placed within the reconstruction plan, after which the land owner can request to obtain a building permit to start For construction work, this permit indicates that the project complies with building regulations and was not built outside the legal areas.

2-Red title deed:

The red tabu is the tabu for residential and commercial real estate such as a house, villa, office, apartment and others. The red title deed also has two types:

-Real estate easement title

This document is the stage that precedes obtaining the full title deed; Where the project is under construction, and has not yet been handed over to its owner, the "investor”. This property is registered in the Directorate of Land Registry and Land Registry within the property records, and all data related to the project, such as the building number, its location, and the original owner of the property, shall be mentioned in the easement title. If you are planning to get a loan, you must obtain an easement tap, otherwise your credit will not be approved.

One of the advantages is the ease of sale and the attractive price because the construction is incomplete and is considered in the initial stages.

-Real estate title deed

The real estate title deed shows the full ownership of the property registered as a separate housing unit that cannot be divided, such as apartments, warehouses, offices, and the like. The real estate easement deed is converted into a property title deed when the construction work is completed, and the project obtains housing approval from the municipality. This type of bond contains all the details related to the property itself, such as the apartment number or the independent property number, the property's location and its share of the land on which the building is built...etc. The property title deed is the most appropriate type for those wishing to purchase a property with a housing loan. Ensure that it conforms to the specifications and that all conditions and taxes are met. The red title deed will be issued. Real estate title deed in Turkey.

These are the types of title deed in Turkey. We had talked in a previous article about the title deed and how to extract it and its fees. You can view it through the articles on our page.

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