Vadi Istanbul District - Houses and Apartments Embraced by Nature

The Vadi Istanbul area extends on a low level of land shared by several municipalities such as Sisli, Sariyer and kagithane, and its surroundings are areas topped with high towers to form a distinctive architectural icon

Where it’s located:

The Vadi Istanbul area is located in the European side of Istanbul, and the area is rightly considered aptly named, as the project is located on a low plot of land.

As for its surroundings, it consists of higher areas topped by high towers with modern designs on the one hand, while on the other hand, the project is characterized by its proximity to vast open areas of forests, the largest in Istanbul, "Belgrade Forests", which extends starting from along the valley and does not end until the shores of the Black Sea!

That is why you see the residents of Vadi Istanbul apartments enjoying the fresh air and fresh breezes on the hottest summer days!

Administratively, the Vadi Istanbul Project, Turkey, belongs to the municipality of Kagdhaneh and enjoys its various health and educational services. The urban transformation in Kagdhaneh began in 2007 and accelerated in the following years, and it led to: the opening of the famous Biala Pasha Tunnel, the start of the metro line project, and the reclamation project The location in the area, in addition to the area's proximity to the central land roads, all of this led to attracting the interest of a large segment of investors to the area, which in turn led to an increase in real estate projects in the area.

  • The Vadi Istanbul is located close to the most vital areas in Istanbul, such as Taksim, Levent and Maslak, which gives it high strategic and investment importance!

  • It is close to the Bosphorus Strait.

  • It is 25 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport

  • Distinguished and direct views of the enchanting Belgrade forests with zero distance!

  • The Kagdhaneh River, which flows into the Gulf (the Golden Horn), passes near the area.

  • Minutes from the TEM highway and only two kilometers from Serantepe metro station

  • The highway connecting the Asian and European parts of Istanbul passes through the area, and the metro station is nearing completion.

  • The area is close to several hospitals, university colleges, and international and local schools for various stages.

  • Many consulates and diplomatic missions are close to the area as well.

  • A huge shopping mall is located in the area, Istanbul Valley Mall, which provides all the needs of the surrounding area.

  • It is adjacent to commercial office buildings and five-star hotels, and is also adjacent to the Turk Telekom Arena

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Vadi Istanbul Mall - a new meaning of shopping

Vadi Istanbul Mall is one of the largest malls in Turkey, extending over an area of ​​103,000 square meters, and the huge shopping complex includes more than 270 stores of clothing and fashion stores with leading international brands.

Vadi Istanbul Mall also contains a number of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers for adults and children. Istanbul Valley Mall is distinguished by its embrace of the latest technology in the field of cinematic presentation in the world!

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