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Insurance of all kinds imposes its importance on a citizen or a foreigner residing in Turkey, and insurance companies in Turkey provide various insurance services that include many areas, including earthquake insurance, including health insurance and home insurance. In this article, we will talk to you about a type of insurance, which is vehicle insurance.

Like the rest of the world, vehicles in Turkey must be contracted with insurance companies spread throughout the country, in the event of a vehicle accident. What is vehicle insurance, what are its types, and what papers are needed for insurance?

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First: What is vehicle insurance in Turkey?

A written contract between two parties, the first party: which is the insurance company, and the second party: the insured (the owner of the car)

Under this contract, the insurance company is obligated to compensate the insured for the damages that occur to his car according to the damages covered by the contract.

This insurance is comprehensive for vehicles of all kinds, where the company pays the insured the value of material losses resulting from loss or partial or total damage to the vehicle, as a result of collisions, overturning, fire or theft.

Types of vehicle insurance in Turkey:

1-Compulsory insurance in Turkey: Compulsory insurance is called Traffic Insurance (traffic insurance), and it is the insurance imposed by law on everyone who owns a vehicle moving on the roads. This compulsory insurance is also responsible for compensating the injured inside the insured vehicle, as well as the injuries caused by the vehicle to pedestrians on the roads. Without this insurance, you cannot register the car with the Traffic Directorate, and you cannot claim your right in the event of a traffic accident, God forbid, even if you are right. In addition to being subject to traffic violations

2-KASKO Non-Compulsory Insurance: It is an optional vehicle insurance, in which case the vehicle owner chooses to cover his vehicle with full protection,It includes compensation for damages that may occur in the event of a traffic accident, even if you are wrong, or in the event of theft or the occurrence of natural disasters that may cause damage to the vehicle. Caused by third parties, theft, public movements, terrorism, flooding, as well as sending a tanker to help, provide a replacement vehicle at the time of repair and replacement.

The most important difference in CASCO insurance from compulsory motor insurance is that CASCO insurance provides for the protection of the vehicle.

Vehicle insurance cost in Turkey

Vehicle insurance costs in Turkey generally vary, given the following data:

- The state in which the insurance contract is made: "Istanbul has car insurance more expensive than many other states.”

-the type of the vehicle

-Vehicle age

-Vehicle Model

-Vehicle mileage Hasar

Documents required obtaining vehicle insurance

The papers required for vehicle insurance vary according to the vehicle’s origin, whether Turkish or foreign, as follows:

Documents required insuring a Turkish car

-A copy of the car's license.

– A copy of the personal card of the car owner "it can be a Turkish identity card or a residence card.

Papers needed to secure a foreign car in Turkey

- Car license photo

- A copy of the car owner’s passport translated and certified by the notary public.

- Car number

- Brand

- Model

- Chassis No

- Car engine number

It should be noted that there are some cases that are not covered by insurance, whether it is compulsory insurance or comprehensive insurance, and these cases differ from one insurance company to another, and we can summarize them with the phrase (when the accident is due to a violation of the traffic law in general)

Cases not covered by insurance in Turkey:

- Not having a driver's license.

- Driving in reverse.

- Driving in places where driving is not permitted.

- Intentional accident.

- Driving under the influence of alcohol.

- Signal cut off.

- Providing incorrect information while writing the insurance contract.

- Escape from the scene

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