Will the Turkish government stop giving citizenship to investors?

Recently, rumors have increased on the topic of stopping naturalization for investors by buying a property, and these rumors are untrue. There are some of their truthfulness based on many reasons, but in fact these problems can be remedied and solved.

Recently, the discontent of the Turks began to appear due to the manipulation and deception carried out by some companies, as several cases of forgery of real estate appraisals and manipulation of real estate prices appeared, and some of them tried to use valuation instruments whose value is not equal to the real value of the property to sell without the need to freeze the amount of 250 thousand dollars in order to increase their profits.

According to the words of the staff of the Naturalization and Land Registry Department, strictness and firmness will be increased in the procurement procedures to prevent any fraud and manipulation attempts in the purchase process, and they also confirmed that there are no new instructions to stop naturalization through real estate. It is noteworthy that the Turkish administration arrested several cases of fraud and imprisoned several heads of companies.

However, there are some Turkish parties opposed to the decision to grant citizenship by buying a property for only $250,000, as they considered it too little and the owner did not deserve to obtain a Turkish passport.

Not to forget, the Turkish government has made many facilities for the process of obtaining citizenship, whether through real estate investment or bank deposit, and this was a Turkish plan to provide the Turkish market with new investments and improve the Turkish economy.


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