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Consultation and Legal Services


Turkish law stipulates that those residing in Turkey for a certain period (more than 90 days) must obtain residency, otherwise they will be fined an amount of money, and they cannot apply for the residency if they exceed the legal period for staying in Turkey.

Therefore, ACUAD provides you with the service of extracting all kinds of residency, applying for it and preparing the necessary documents for that.

The residency varies according to the reason for your presence in Turkey, such as:
  • Touristic Residency: It is obtained in a period not exceeding one month, and you need a passport stamped at the airport or at one of the border entrances, and that the passport is valid for more than two months after applying for the residency.
  • Real Estate Residence Permit: It is obtained through owning any property within Turkish territory.
  • Family Residency: It is that a family member who possesses Turkish citizenship or who has a work permit grants it to his family members residing with him.
  • Student Residency: The student obtains it for a period not exceeding one year as a maximum, renewable according to the period of his studying yearly.
As for Turkish citizenship, we guide you to obtain it according to its type. Turkish citizenship has several types, such as:
  • 1 Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey.
  • 2 Turkish citizenship by establishing a company and obtaining a work permit.
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