Turkish Citizenship By Bank Deposit

Turkish Citizenship By Bank Deposit


A law was issued on 9/18/2018 in which an amendment was made to the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners through bank deposit, as it became possible for foreigners to apply for citizenship in return for depositing an amount of 500 thousand dollars, after it was 3 million dollars before the amendment, and this amount is placed both in public banks or private.

The Turkish citizen of origin is not distinguished from any naturalized foreigner by bank deposit or any other method. He enjoys all the rights and duties of any Turkish citizen of origin.

The basic steps for obtaining citizenship through bank deposit:
  • Opening a bank account in the name of the applicant for Turkish citizenship in a Turkish bank.
  • Deposit at least $500,000 or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • Signing a statement that the amount has been withheld for three years
  • Obtaining a report to match the amount deposited to obtain citizenship from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority.
  • Applying for investor residence.
  • Note: The evaluation period is three months, you should pay attention to that.

  • Preparing your file with the family to submit it to the personal status department in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship is granted to the investor’s wife and all his children who are under 18 years soon as the investor is naturalized and their papers are submitted directly with the investor’s papers.
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الأوراق المطلوبة للتقديم على الجنسية التركية عن طريق ايداع مصرفي

الأوراق المطلوبة للتقديم على الجنسية التركية عن طريق ايداع مصرفي


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