Commercial real estate and its types

With the economic and urban renaissance witnessed by the region, Turkey has become the first destination for investors, whether they are Arabs or foreigners. So that the percentage of real estate sold increased significantly.

In this article, we provide you with all the information about commercial real estate and its types if you are looking for a successful investment.

Commercial real estate:

It is a property used for the purpose of investment and trade, such as malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and companies.

Types of commercial real estate:

1- Shops: You can buy, rent or sell a shop for a commercial investment purpose

2- Hotels: Turkey attracts millions of tourists from all over the world because it has the full potential of tourism. Without a doubt, real estate investment through hotels is one of the most successful investments, especially if it is in areas that attract tourists.

3- Real estate office: Several conditions must be observed if you want to buy a real estate office, namely:

The office should be close to the main roads in the city.

The office should be comfortable and contain an ideal suitable work environment that is free from stress and improves work performance.

There must be car parking and an ATM near the office.

Provides services in the building that includes the office, such as elevators, central heating, and modern and advanced infrastructure.

4- Apartments and buildings: The percentage of sales and profits of residential real estate has increased and is now making great profits for everyone who owned a property, after the privileges that the Turkish government gave to everyone who owns a property in Turkey, so buying residential real estate, especially in newly built areas, is a successful investment, especially If it is close to tourist areas and airports, where you can sell or rent it.

5- Stores: With the increase in commercial activities and the growth of invested capital, the demand for stores to store goods has increased, and it is important that the store takes into account safety and security conditions such as ventilation services, fire extinguishers and surveillance cameras around the clock, in addition to taking into account its location so that it is close to industrial areas and main roads .

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