Death Registration

There are in Turkey a large number of foreigners who live permanently or temporarily. Their lives go through different circumstances at all levels, and some continuous changes may occur in their lives, whether changing their place of residence, marrying some of them, having children or the death of one of their relatives, and the Turkish state must be notified of all A change in their social life and its registration in the relevant directorate. In this article, we will address the issue of death registration in Turkey and the steps to be followed in this matter, especially with regard to the children of the Syrian community present on Turkish soil.

The most important document that must be obtained in order to register a death case is the death report, which method of obtaining it varies according to the place where the death occurred:

  1. If the death occurred at home: it is necessary to contact the burial affairs office in the municipality in which the deceased person resides, which in turn will send a forensic doctor to carry out the necessary examinations to ascertain whether the death was natural or not. Arrival of the coroner

If the death was natural, he will give the family of the deceased a death report, after which the municipality will transfer him to the cemetery, where the burial affairs are completed there.

If the death was unnatural, the body will be referred to the forensic medicine department

  1. If the death occurred in the hospital: in this case, obtaining a death report is through the hospital, then transporting the deceased to the cemetery for burial.

The authorities must be notified of the death of the person within a specific time, for example, the Department of Souls must be notified within ten days, and the Immigration Department must be notified within twenty days in order to invalidate the records of the deceased person

As for the Syrians, they can register the death that occurs on Turkish lands at the Syrian consulate through the following steps:

  1. Book an appointment at the Syrian Consulate in Istanbul

  2. Accompanying the death certificate after it is certified by the governor, translated and certified by the notary public

  3. Proof of kinship

  4. Pay the registration fee

  5. Sending this statement to a relative in Syria to duly record it in the civil status system.

We must draw your attention to the importance of registering the death case on time and not delaying the registration event. Unregistered deaths will not be recognized in Syria, Turkey or any third country. Accordingly, all rights related to the issue of inheritance will not be distributed until the death status is confirmed, and in the case of a widowed or widowed person, they cannot legally remarry if the death of the husband or wife is not registered.

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