"Establishing Human-Friendly Cities" was the title of Erdogan's speech at the Ankara Conference

Yesterday, Tuesday, at the Cities Conference and Exhibition for Youth, and in the program held in The Conference Center of the Chamber of Commerce in the capital, Ankara, Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan had a speech in which he touched on the models of modern cities. We remind you of the most important things that came in this speech.

President Erdoğan stressed the need to establish human-friendly cities, so that the disaster of urbanization suffered by Turkey would not be repeated.

He said, "We have to create cities that are friendly to youth, children, the elderly, women and people with disabilities, and in the end, cities that are friendly to people."

He said, "We will not allow a repeat of the urbanization disaster that Turkey experienced during the great migration from villages to cities after World War II."

He added, "We have paid enough for the vertical architecture, and we need planned and programmed urban models and applications that embrace the past and embrace the future, so the approach of youth-friendly cities is very important."

Erdogan added: "Just as our country fulfilled its promise to its citizens after the Van Elazig earthquake, we promise to keep our promises to those affected by the floods at the present time. I hope that the wounds of our people who were affected by the recent floods and fires will heal as soon as possible. All ministers are working on studying the situation in Kastamonu, Sinop, and Bartin. These issues are too important to be the subject of daily political debates. There is no explanation for trying to derive political rent from a catastrophe that burns the nation's liver." 
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