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Turkey in short:

The political situation, geographical location, and the common history with the countries of its region made it the destination of many investors and aspirants to establish sound and profitable investments in it, and the geographical location of Turkey and its mediation of the continents made it a link between East and West. Also, Turkey's political friendships and its presence as an essential partner in NATO have made it on equal terms with all countries of the world. And the policy that Turkey has followed during the past few years has made it a safe place for those wishing to invest in a stable country.

About investing in Turkey:

Turkey has an area of ​​783 thousand square kilometers and this wide extension has made it in contact with many countries European and Asians, with a population of 82 million people, a gross domestic product of approximately 784 billion dollars and an inflation rate of 20%. As for the value of its exports, it amounts to 168 billion dollars, and most of it is exported to the European continent, while its imports amount to 223 million dollars. The revenues of tourism and travel movements amounted to 25 billion $, with 39 million tourists annually, while the value of investment in Turkey by foreigners amounted to 13 billion $ .

Turkey is also an important member of important global trade agreements, including:

  1. Free trade agreements with many countries.

  2. European Union Customs Union

The most important advantages of investing in Turkey:

1- High population numbers:

half of its population is younger than 32 years old and Turkey has the largest number of young people compared to the European Union.

2- Its successful economy:

In recent years, the Turkish economy grew nearly three times as it was in 2002 about $ 231 billion until it reached $ 784 billion in 2018 with a growth rate of 5.5% of the GDP, and the Turkish economy ranks 13th in the world and 5 in Europe, due to the speed of growth. The enormous economic development is expected to make Turkey one of the fastest growing economies among the OECD countries, which has a positive impact on the exacerbation of investment demand in Turkey for foreigners in general.

3- Freedom to invest in Turkey:

Where there is a lot of leniency regarding work procedures, in the average period of establishing a company requires approximately 6 to 7 days, subject to international arbitration and guarantor of cash transfer.

4- Competitive and qualified work climate:

Turkey graduates from its universities more than 800 thousand students annually and about one million young people from high schools, and the more young people, the greater the productivity.

5- Many Incentives And Low Taxes:

Taxes have decreased dramatically in recent times, as they were at 33%, but now at 20%, and there is a total or partial exemption from corporate entry tax, in addition to many tax facilities for technical and industrial zones and free zones, and land allocations have been provided to investors wishing to make investments in Turkey. .

6. Infrastructure:

Turkey is linked to eastern and central Europe by a network of roads and railways, and is characterized by the low cost of maritime transport in it and also by the technical development of transportation, energy and communications.

7. How large the internal market is:

Investment opportunities in Turkey are profitable thanks to the huge numbers of subscribers to SIM cards, internet and credit cards.

What are the most important opportunities for investment in Turkey:

1- Real Estate:

Real estate is one of the most important investments due to its success in many countries, so that you can buy land and build on it or develop urban complexes, and it is one of the most supportive opportunities for the investment process in Turkey.

2- Tourism and its effects on investment in Turkey:

The tourism sector was very important to the Turkish government from the nineties of the last century, especially as it is characterized by its historical heritage, and beach tourism is also active in it.

3- Cars and their effects on investment in Turkey:

Many international auto companies have taken Turkey as headquarters to produce their car, and there are local Turkish companies that manufacture cars. You can import, export and invest in auto parts or maintenance centers,

4- Services and their effects on investment in Turkey:

A service-related company can be established, such as language services companies, customs clearance companies, marketing companies, employment or translation.

Investment restrictions in Turkey:

The Turkish law divided the foreign investment in Turkey into two parts, the investments transferred from abroad, such as equipment, capital, and industrial property rights, and the investments provided by the local market, such as establishing companies or their branches or investing the returns. Turkish law also divided investors into individuals and organizations.

It also facilitated naturalization for foreign investors, so the value of investment assets in Turkey was reduced to 250 thousand dollars after it was one million dollars, and the bank deposit requirement was reduced from 3 million dollars to 500 thousand dollars in 2018, in addition to the Turkish parliament is facilitating the purchase of real estate for foreigners, as well as An investor who provides job opportunities to more than 50 people can apply for citizenship, and this is what stimulates investment operations in Turkey.

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