Launching Istanbul Canal project


The project of implementing the Istanbul Canal Project began yesterday, Saturday, on June 26, 2021, by Laying the foundation for the first bridge when President Recep Erdogan was in the morning for the Istanbul Municipality.

The difficulty of establishing this canal increased the pressure congestion on the Bosphorus canal, and it found large numbers of crude oil, and the probability of an accident causing disruption of the strait, and here comes the importance of establishing this canal.

Its length is 45 km, its depth is 20.75 m, and its length is about 275 m.

The primary goal is to preserve the historical status of the Bosphorus, and to try to put a huge pressure on it.

And the retail plans on both sides of the canal are resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters in a sophisticated architectural style.


Initials, research and studies, the course of this case. These studies focus on several axes: the canal on hydropower, project implementation, and project history. On the basis of these axes, a study was studied into 5 phases, and the path of Kucukcekmece - Sasli Dora - Terkus was chosen. Preliminary studies of the canal path were carried out.

The project's preliminary studies project was in 2014-2017, its participation in geophysical studies and the project's preliminary studies were fulfilled.

6149 m of waterway inside Kucukcekmece district, 3189 m inside Avcilar, 6061 m inside Basaksehir, and 21,383 m inside Arnavutkoy.

The cost of the project:

Several projects related to the project such as a yacht port and a container port for ships to stand in work, in addition to establishing projects that reach the entrance to the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, ship maintenance stations, and ship lighthouses.

Its cost is expected to reach 75 billion Turkish liras.

It is expected that the canal will be established within approximately 5 and a half years, and it takes approximately 7 years to complete all phases.

Six bridges will be built over the canal, and it started yesterday with the first bridge, which will be 860 m long and 46 m wide. This bridge carries 136 metal cables. The bridge contains four lanes in both directions, and the height of the two bridge towers is 196 meters.


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