The activity return to the Turkish economy

After two years of lower economic activity than the average, it returned to the pace of growth that it was accustomed to before the pandemic, and this was after the great effort made by the Turkish Ministry of Health and its policy to fight the epidemic, as the measures it had taken almost made the country in a state of general immunity.
The first sectors to return to its activity were the tourism and aviation sector, although it was the most affected sectors by the crisis, as the high demand for Turkish tourist cities returned. Last June, the movement of aircraft also returned as we used to before Corona, as Turkish Airlines ranked second in Europe in terms of the number of flights, in addition to Pegasus Airlines, which ranked eighth in Europe with 493 flights per day.
As for real estate sales in Turkey, they increased by 125% compared to sales in May, where sales amounted to nearly 135 thousand homes during the month of June, and as for the homes sold to foreigners, they reached nearly 5 thousand homes.
As for exports, they increased very dramatically, as they reached about 16.5 billion in May, and increased until they reached nearly 20 billion during the month of June. With this jump, the rate of increase would be 47% over last year.
On the industry scale, the production index increased by 40% during the month of May on an annual basis, which proves the strength of Turkey's industrial infrastructure.

The wheels of the Turkish economy are returning to the accelerating turnover, but the Turkish economy is still recovering from the epidemic. Nevertheless, this return heralds the gradual improvement of the Turkish lira, and this will encourage investors to invest again.


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