The difference between the real estate easement and the title deed

The difference between the real estate easement and the title deed:

One of the most important things to do whenever buying or investing any property in Turkey is to make sure that the ownership of the property has been transferred to the buyer or investor.

Title deed (tapu):

It is the document that proves the ownership transition of any property to the buyer or investor and there are several categories within the title deed, which is the title deed (kat mülkiyeti), the easement deed (kat irifak) and the sharing deed (devre mülk)

The term title deed is called to the document that is written for a specific property and confirms the ownership of the property to the person mentioned in the document. It also includes information about the property and the cadastral survey numbers and determines the location of the property, and this document is made by the land registry directorate.

There are several types of title deeds depending on the type of the property.

It is classified as follows:

1.Real estate easement bond:

Where only the middle box (kat irifak) is indicated in the title deed, and this gives the characteristic of the easement bond for the title deed and not the full title deed. This type of real estate bond is known as a stage that must be passed through before obtaining the full title deed, this document proves the right of ownership to the owner of the bond Which will be constructed or which will begin to be built on a certain plot of land, and whoever has not been completed yet and it is written in the records of the Real Estate Department it states the location and number of each section of it and who owns it, and in case the project or construction are completed or the approval of the housing from the municipality, the bond shall be transferred from Easement to outright ownership.

2. Title deed:

It is the first box on the left

( kat mülkiyeti) This is specified when the bond is in the outright ownership field.

In it they mention the building area, the number of parts, the part of the concerned person, the number of this part, and in which floor it is located, in addition to mentioning its specifications, so that this type clearly shows the buyer's section and confirms the transfer of ownership of the concerned section to the concerned person, which is a type of positively completed real estate bond Legally, real estate owners obtain it after obtaining the housing approval from the municipality for the project’s approval of the standards and the Turkish standard conditions for housing and residence where there is no any legal problem.

Housing approval

It is an approval granted by the municipality for the buildings that are constructed according to specific standards, and to obtain them the state standards must be adhered to, such as the presence of a fire ladder, the building being earthquake-resistant, and the presence of sufficient fire cylinders in the building.

3- Share deed:

Transitional ownership is the right of ownership of the real estate for a specific period of the year. The ownership of the transitional property is determined by a period of 7/10 or 15 days per year, that means the purchase of real estate in partnership with a specified period of use for this property.

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