Turkey's policy to avoid closure due to the epidemic

With the emergence of the delta mutator, the numbers of people infected with the Corona virus are increasing rapidly, and this is all over the world and not only in Turkey, but now we have a vaccine that will greatly reduce the impact of this wave, but with the presence of this vaccine many people are still not convinced of it and are afraid to take it.

Now Turkey has allowed all Turkish citizens and foreigners who have residency in Turkey access to the vaccine insane, so that they can go to the hospital and take the vaccine, even without making an appointment.

The Turkish Minister of Health announced that those who received the first dose of the vaccine have reached 40 million, but this number is still not enough. To get vaccinated or not is a matter of personal freedom for now, because those who refuse to be vaccinated affect not only themselves but their community as well.

With the number of cases increasing, one of the biggest concerns is the reimposition of restrictions. Normalization began in Turkey on the first of July, and Turkey's policy managed to reduce the numbers to 5,000 cases per day, and with the delta, the matter is worrying, and the only solution is for societies to reach full immunity, and this is the reason for the importance of starting vaccination campaigns worldwide, Countries that do not have enough vaccines must be helped, in Turkey there are enough vaccines for citizens and residents.

If another shutdown takes place in the fall of 2021, it will be difficult and debilitating for the Turkish economy.


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