Turkey's Self-Sufficiency

Since the discovery of gas fields in the Black Sea last year, Turkey has been waiting for other gas fields in the Black Sea or in the eastern Mediterranean, where many oil and gas exploration operations are now taking place. The presence of oil wells is also expected, as drilling for oil wells is carried out by seismic teams in specific areas in Turkey.

The first actual production of an oil well in Turkey began in 1948 in the Raman well in the Batman region. As for natural gas, the first exploration work was in 1970.

Turkey was producing only 1% of its gas needs annually and the rest is imported, as Turkey's annual need for gas was estimated at 45 billion cubic meters, so Turkey is striving to reduce the bill for oil and gas imports, and is working hard to discover new fields in its geography.

It is true that Turkey has secured its gas needs and has been able to be self-sufficient for several years, and this is after discovering a gas field in the Black Sea, where its production capacity is estimated at about 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas, but it is still conducting exploration work in the Black Sea, and the new research area was named By "Amasara". It is also trying to benefit as much as possible from the six closed fields, and is trying hard to find new oil wells to achieve self-sufficiency in this material.

In 2019, oil production exceeded expectations, as Turkey's production was expected to reach 50 thousand barrels, while it achieved three times the expected number, as it achieved 150 thousand barrels in that year.

The value of oil produced in Turkey's history has reached 75 billion dollars, and as for gas, its value in Turkey's history has reached 3.8 billion dollars.

The Turkish economy is burdened with paying the bills for imported oil and gas. Turkey's self-sufficiency in them will be a major supporter of the economy, and it will give the state full independence in its rapid and supportive development.


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